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For over ten years, MAJOR has been providing Jewish learning sessions and
Jewish experiences to Milwaukee’s college students and young professionals.

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MAJOR gives young people  tools from Judaism’s toolbox to illuminate their lives.

Our Activities


If you want to learn more about your Judaism, you've come to the right place. MAJOR is here to give you important ideas, information and inspiration in a wide variety of ways.

Inspiring Trips

Take the vacation you’ve always dreamed about, have fun, and learn a lot at the same time. Whether you want to hike up hills in Israel or walk down avenues in New York City, MAJOR has something for everyone.

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Are you a Graduate Student or Young Professional in the Milwaukee area? We offer small group ‘dinner and discuss’ sessions and individual learning sessions for young professionals.

Book a Rabbi

Our one-on-one sessions with MAJOR mentors offer the opportunity to learn about Jewish wisdom and ask questions that are relevant to you. We meet with students at the time and location of their choosing to discuss a variety of topics.

Meet The Team

Daniel Meister


Rabbi Daniel Meister owns a large inflatable boat which he loads with his wife and kids! He’s fascinated by exploring new places. His love of nature is apparent in his work and his hobbies. In between adventures, he helps Jews reach their full potential. He passionately shares relevant Jewish wisdom for every area of life

Tamar Hyman

Women’s Programing

This MVP point guard led her high school basketball team to victory in the Georgia state championship! Now, Tamar uses that persistence and perseverance for MAJOR and helps others shine, too. An active mother and community volunteer, she is an inspiration to her friends and family.

Chaim Lampert

Advanced Mentor

Chaim loves golf! Even his five-year-old has a golden swing. Chaim’s nuts - he almost bought his own driving range!!! Chaim runs a very successful property management business. He seems happy living in Milwaukee despite being from Miami! In his spare time, his wife and two sons see him indulging his other passion - Torah learning and living!

Beth Meister

Assistant Director

Beth Meister keeps MAJOR running smoothly and enjoys welcoming MAJOR guests into her busy home. A former librarian and current teacher, she is generally in the middle of several books. Beth enjoys playing board games with her children, relatives, and friends. She uses her vast knowledge of books and games to help many confused parents and children!

Our Gallery


Josh K.

Young Professional

Learning with Chaim has opened up so many paths of Jewish thought, Jewish spirituality, and Jewish understanding that I was never exposed to growing up. Our honest and open dialogues are something I cherish and am constantly excited about. Our weekly learning sessions are often the highlight of my week and bring up topics and conversations that I never knew could pertain to Judaism. Thank you Rabbi Meister, Rebbetzion Hyman, and Chaim for all you have done for me and my life! 


Naomi C S. - MSOE

Product Designer

I like the quality of the content. Having a setting where it’s easy to ask questions and be involved is great. I love coming to learn interesting things each week!

Jack N.

Young Professional

MAJOR has provided me with many opportunities in different areas of life. Networking, Travel, Community, Learning. The only way I was able to study in Israel was with the help of MAJOR. 

The lesson I left with when I came to Israel was that the more opportunities you take the more opportunities you’ll be presented with. When you seize an opportunity, you’re faced with more potentialities. The growth is exponential. Carpe Diem. 

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