Frequently Asked Questions on Milwaukee Alliance For Jewish Reconnection.

What is MAJOR?
MAJOR is a non profit organization with the purpose of sharing an unfamiliar side of Judaism.  Most Jewish people today have not taken the opportunity to become familiar with this deep part of their heritage.
What Does MAJOR Stand For?
Milwaukee Alliance For Jewish Reconnection. Say that five times fast!
What is MAJOR's goal?
Jewish wisdom includes relationship-building, psychology, self-actualization, science and business ingenuity.  MAJOR focuses on opening people’s hearts and minds to this part of Judaism that they did not know.   MAJOR offers programs and mentoring for people with Jewish heritage, in all these areas and more.  Each individual can connect with their roots in a practical, sophisticated and mature way.
What is MAJOR for?
MAJOR is for people with Jewish Heritage or people on a path to conversion. Our main audience is people between ages 18-35.. Mature people under 18 are welcomed to join our programs geared towards undergrads. People who are “young at heart” and happen to be stuck in a body that is over 35 years  old are welcome.
What do I gain from MAJOR?
Meaning, Insight, Friends, Wisdom, Trips, Spirituality, Relationships, Food, Networking, Purpose, Mentors, Connection, Vision and perhaps, Judaism.
What background do I need to have?
None.  Jewish Heritage can be a plus because with Jewish Heritage you will feel like you are reconnecting to your roots
How is MAJOR different from other Jewish campus organizations?

MAJOR focuses on self actualization as a result of Jewish wisdom.  We also believe that their are many different, authentically Jewish ways to excel and to become more connected to true spirituality. 

Does it cost anything?
Nope.  Some trips may have a small charge.
Who funds MAJOR programming?
MAJOR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is supported by foundations and donors who value our work.
Why do Jewish people always answer a question with another question?
Why not? 😉