What Does MAJOR Stand For?

The Milwaukee Alliance For Jewish Reconnection. Say that five times quickly.

What is MAJOR?

We are a non-profit educational organization that offers Jewish learning and experiences to Jewish college students and young professionals in the Milwaukee area.

What is MAJOR’s goal?

Our goal is to help Jewish college students and young professionals realize that Jewish wisdom is relevant and should be an important part of their lives and decision making.

What kind of Jewish background do I need to have?

MAJOR welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds and prior Jewish knowledge.  Some of our students begin with knowledge of Hebrew, while others have none. All of our students are looking to grow and identify more strongly as Jews.

How is MAJOR different from other local Jewish campus organizations?

MAJOR focuses on  growth as a result of learning Jewish wisdom. And we have the best kugel.

Does it cost anything?

All MAJOR programming is free for students.

Who funds MAJOR programming?

MAJOR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are supported by donors and foundations who value our work.

Why do Jewish people always answer a question with another question?

Why not?