MAJOR on Campus

MAJOR’s campus programs include discussion groups, dinner and learn sessions, and more. We also offer the B.A.R. – Book A Rabbi program, where students schedule individual learning sessions and pick the time, place, and topic that interests them. We currently offer programs at UWM and MSOE, with more campuses coming soon.

Shabbat with MAJOR

Enjoy a 4 course meal with our family and your fellow students.  The food is excellent and the conversation is even better!

We host monthly Shabbatons that include a full Shabbat experience, home-cooked meals and engaging conversations.

Shabbat is a day of rest, an island of time to really sit back and treasure the world around us.

Cyber connections become real people, text messages fade away into genuine conversation, and the beauty of the Shabbat experience is here for us to enjoy!

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Got big questions? Book a Rabbi...

Have You Gone

B.A.R. – Book a Rabbi – discuss any topic connected to Judaism or life dilemmas – you pick the time, place, and topic, we’ll provide the coffee. We meet with students at campus unions, coffee shops, or any location that’s convenient for you.


Looking for inspiration? Check out W.I.T.


We offer Jewish Wisdom and Inspiration for Today! Join our small group discussions about life lessons from Torah wisdom. We offer food for thought about how to deal with real life issues and dilemmas. Our discussions take place in casual settings that are convenient for our students, including the UWM and MSOE campuses.