Meet The Team

Daniel Meister


Rabbi Daniel Meister owns a large inflatable boat which he loads with his wife and kids! He’s fascinated by exploring new places. His love of nature is apparent in his work and his hobbies. In between adventures, he helps Jews reach their full potential. He passionately shares relevant Jewish wisdom for every area of life

Beth Meister

Assistant Director

Beth Meister keeps MAJOR running smoothly and enjoys welcoming MAJOR guests into her busy home. A former librarian and current teacher, she is generally in the middle of several books. Beth enjoys playing board games with her children, relatives, and friends. She uses her vast knowledge of books and games to help many confused parents and children!

Avraham Yosef Rosenberg


Avraham Yosef Rosenberg does his best to take what helped him find his path to inner balance and use it to help others achieve theirs. He’s a psychology student who frequents the gym and enjoys basketball along with most athletic activities. He is also a family man who loves praying, learning Torah, having deep conversations, and helping people.

Temima Eckhardt

Women’s Programing

Life is a puzzle, and Temima is out to solve it! Or at least bits and pieces. An avid puzzler, busy wife and mother, and creative amateur engineer, Temima brings her active mind and life experience to each challenge. Always looking for the elegant solve, she loves connecting with people, especially her Jewish family, and seeing how we all fit together. An active mother and community volunteer, she is an inspiration to her friends and family.

Chaim Lampert

Advanced Mentor

Chaim loves golf! Even his five-year-old has a golden swing. Chaim’s nuts - he almost bought his own driving range!!! Chaim runs a very successful property management business. He seems happy living in Milwaukee despite being from Miami! In his spare time, his wife and two sons see him indulging his other passion - Torah learning and living!