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Rabbi Becker at MSOE

Rabbi Becker at MSOE

MAJOR was very excited to host special guest Rabbi Yitzchok Becker this Monday.  He joined JAM of MSOE’s Talking Lunch and presented a taste of a Yeshiva session from Ohr Somayach, Jerusalem.  He also met with students to talk about about opportunities for them in Israel.

East Side Shabbaton Jan. 20-21

We had a great Shabbaton this past weekend with a great group of students and young professionals, and we’re looking forward to our next Shabbaton, January 20-21 on the East Side.  Use the contact us page, call, or text if you’re interested in joining us!



St. Louis Trip Was Amazing and Inspiring!

Our road trip to Saint Louis was amazing and inspiring.  It was amazing to be part of a group of Jews from all across the United States, from California to Florida and so many places in between.  Shabbat meals with 400 people were also amazing with delicious food, meeting new people, beautiful singing, and more.  The sessions with speakers from all over the world were inspiring and challenged me to think about Jewish topics in new ways.   One highlight was lighting the Menorah for the first night of Chanukah together with the other participants in the seminar and seeing so many Menorahs all together!  I’m definitely looking forward to going to the Kulanu Yachad Gala Seminar again next year.

–written by Beth Meisterimg_3033

Winter Break Trip to Saint Louis

Beth and I are getting ready to take our very first trip with students, and we are so excited!  We are driving down to St. Louis for an extended weekend Dec. 22-25 to a “KULANU YACHAD” weekend getaway.  “Kulanu Yachad” means “ALL OF US TOGETHER.”  Rabbi Yari, the director of the weekend, picked the name to invite all Jews to join together.
You can see the video from last year’s amazing program and apply at
It will show a much higher price on the site, but our students can go for $59.
Rabbi Yari’s enthusiasm for life is infectious.  I’m so looking forward to meeting him in person!
Rabbi Daniel Meister

Jewish Football

There’s nothing like watching boys from all over the country, with different Jewish backgrounds, join together for all American FOOTBALL. The night game with light-up equipment was super invigorating! It was connecting, it was WITS and MSOE, it was Jewish, and it was so much fun!

The next “dinner and game” is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 8, 6:30-7:45.  We’ll be playing glow Ultimate Frisbee or football.

Football Group Picture

Football Group Picture